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Dapper Dog Grooming

Groom styles and prices to suit you


We offer a range of styling options with pricing reflecting the time involved to complete – simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

A guide to our prices can be found below. These should be used as a guide only and may vary depending on the individual dog’s coat condition, size and temperament. Additional costs will be applied if the coat or temperament problems are encountered due to extra time and attention required.

Please note that De-matting fees are not included as standard, this is a separate service – see our FAQ page.

Guide prices for a full groom are as follows:
Small – from  £30.00 (eg. Westie, Mini Schnauzer)
Medium / Large – from  £36.00+ (eg. Golden Retriever, Setter)

Guide Price for Scissored Breeds:
Small / medium – from  £32.00 (eg. Bichon, Miniature/Toy Poodle, Bedlington Terrier)
Large – from £50.00 (eg. Standard Poodle, Bouvier Des Flandes)

Bathing & De-shedding
Some breeds shed a lot more than others and this treatment will remove as much dead hair/undercoat as possible, which can reduce the amount of continual hair loss in the home. The ears will be cleaned and nails clipped if necessary.

Small – from £15.00 (eg. Jack Russell)
Medium – from £25.00 (eg. Staffie)
Large – from £30.00+ (eg. Labrador)
Large – Short haired German Shepherd – £35 / Long haired German Shepherd – £45

Hand Strip Full Groom
Instead of clipping or scissoring we use a hand stripping technique (particularly popular for terriers). This method of grooming is required to maintain correct texture and colour of the coat.

Guide prices are as follows:
from £38.00+ (eg. Border Terrier, Jack Russell)
from £45.00+ (eg. |Fox Terrier, Lakeland Terrier)
from £60.00+ (eg. |Airedale terrier, Italian Spinone)

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is included within the cost of a full groom. For nail trimming only the cost is £5.

Ear Plucking

Ear cleaning is included within the cost of a full groom. However, some breeds have hair which grows inside the ear preventing air flow into the ear and allowing moisture and bacteria to build up leading to infection. The cost of ear plucking is from £3 depending on the amount of ear hair.

Anal Glands

Many dogs never seem to have a problem with their anal glands. However, if your dog doesn’t express their glands properly we would recommend you visit your vet.


When carried out with a grooming appointment the cost is £10.00. As a stand alone procedure the cost is £15.00. The service also includes Petlog® database registration of you and your pet’s details. A lower price is available for litters, depending on the number of puppies – please contact us to enquire.


Half day – £80click here for more information

Full day – £150click here for more information

Additional charges;

  • If your dog is found to have fleas or ticks during the grooming session a cost of £5 will be incurred to cover appropriate treatment products and hygiene procedures required
  • Missed appointments or cancelling your appointment with less than 24hrs notice will incur a charge of £15

Sophie washed and groomed Freddie my poodle!! Sophie is a real animal lover and Freddie took a shine to her straightaway. He looks and smells lovely now. Well done Sophie and we will see you soon.

Mrs Carr Cannock

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